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Canine III


I cannot begin to imagine what it must be like to work customer service for Carestream.....I would not want that job for any amount of money.  Carestream NEEDS to get this figured is truly SOMETHING EVERY WEEK

Community Manager
Community Manager

@braces1 @paularyfa @ghorsey 

We hear your frustrations and our team is working diligently to resolve the issue. We will continue to update the Home page of The Exchange as new information comes in. 

I'm not thinking you are hearing our frustrations one bit.  At this very moment the Cloud status site shows fully operational, and I cannot get into any work stations.  Going through the web on some but that isn't optimal. Can you have John Wildeharber (sorry if spelling wrong) call me ASAP or whatever manager is on duty. 401-658-1116.  thx

Premolar III

daily. I have daily problems with lockups, can't access shared cloud, can't take images, etc. 

Premolar I

It's much worse being in a busy office with 90 patients to see and not having access to charts and images.  Could care less how Carestream feels at this point.