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Canine II

Carestream charging for calibration phantom for 2D pan-ceph when last one was included. Not right!!

Hello Tim: Thank you for your reply. While addressing an imaging problem, the escalation impaging supervisor reached out to the large equipment specialist who informed us that a phantom does exist for the 8100CS 2D pan ceph machine, however, I would have to pay for one to be delivered. I am NOT interested in paying for one, but for CS to mail it to me ASAP. I had one for my 8000C 2D machine, and the radiation physicist of NJ is requesting one in order to complete his x-ray survey to submit for NJ registration process. I do not think anyone should have to pay for the phantom, not to mention a loyal 30 year customer and 2x pan ceph machine purchaser. Since radiation is still emitted from a 2D machine I am putting the request in for its phantom to be mailed to my practice address on file. I look forward to hearing back with your confirmation. 

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