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Canine II

Cloud image upload delay?

Is anyone else experiencing an 8 minute delay for a single panoramic image to appear at the treatment chair after closing local imaging at the acquisition machine? It has been two months now, and all they say is "we are working on it..." 

Canine II

Same.!!! It used to take 30 seconds -1min, now I'm Being told acceptable upload time is 8- 20 min. For OMS offices this is unacceptable. Patients are only scheduled for 30 min for a consult. Don't get me started on surgical procedures you need to see now! Since Migration it has been one thing after another and our Dr. is ready to kick this to the curb!!!

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I just called support and they transferred me and then i sat for 30mins listening to the wonderful hold music! no one ever picked up to say anything or even offer me a call back after 30 mins!  I JUST WANT MY PICTURES TO GO TO THE CLOUD! 

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Good day Chris (cpetrone‌), 

Recently (January 15th) a test update was applied to the Cloud environment for 15 Cloud clients in the hopes that it would improve image transfer performance to the Cloud Imaging Software. The update did not improve the speed in which images are transferred to the cloud environment, but it does allow us to better see what is causing the delay so we can address.

Since this issue does impact practices' ability to efficiently function, Carestream has made resolution of this issue a top priority.   Support and Development Leadership are currently meeting on a daily basis to gauge progress as well as ensure the teams have the information they need to isolate and resolve the issue.

We are tracking customers with speed issues and will notify you when updates are applied that will improve performance. Unfortunately we do not have a definite ETA for the fix at this time. 

For further updates on your Cloud environment, please visit the following knowledge page for information on how to receive automatic notifications (via text or email) pertaining to your Cloud functionality:

OrthoTrac Cloud: Information on the Cloud Status Center / Cloud Status Tool 


Phil Carter / Orthotrac Escalations

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