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Cloud imaging issue!! WHERE ARE IMAGES STORED?

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Our local server is failing and I'm finding out for the first time that our images are not stored on the cloud, despite being cloud customers. I have spoken with 3 different departments, 3 different answers.

What do you do in the event of a local catastrophic occurrence if imaging isn't stored on the cloud? 

If there is an option to send images directly to the cloud, where are those images?

Color me a very unhappy customer.

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Re: Cloud imaging issue!! WHERE ARE IMAGES STORED?

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Good day Paula ( @paularyfa), 

I am creating a call right now to have the CSOI Escalation support team reach out to you.  

[[EDIT: I should also note that this does NOT mean you have lost all of your images.  CSOI images are acquired on a local acquisition machine / server and then are uploaded to the Cloud on a regular basis (the exact interval of time between acquisition and upload I do not have specifics on).  If your local server/acquisition machine has failed, this may mean you have lost any images which were acquired very recently and not yet uploaded to the Cloud, but it does NOT mean they are *all* gone. I am sorry if you were given that impression.]]


Phil Carter / OrthoTrac Escalations