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Canine II

Credit card processing

Good Morning

Just checking with Ortho Trac users as to who they are using to process their credit card transactions.

We are using Transfirst now and their fees keep increasing.  Any suggestions would be helpful



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Premolar II

Re: Credit card processing

If you want it to automatically post and run the transaction then you are stuck with TransFirst. Otherwise you can go with any credit card processing company you want but you will have to run the transaction separately on whatever card processing machine they provide then post the payment in OrthoTrac (similar to how a Care Credit transaction is processed). The same thing would apply for "automatic payments" they would not automatically post/update into OrthoTrac like they do with TransFirst. 

We have found lots of companies that have better rates than TransFirst but there is a tradeoff and you are correct their fees are high! We have lots of patients who ask about Apple/Samsung/Google wallet payments. Due to the high processing fees of TransFirst we are seriously considering switching card processing companies even though we know it will add a couple minutes to every credit card transaction.

Canine III

Re: Credit card processing

Call your representative at Transfirst and ask to negotiate your current rate.  It has been our experience that the more accounts we process the more they lower our rate. Good luck!

Canine II

Re: Credit card processing

Good morning Sue,

This is Michelle from TSYS (previously TransFirst). I am happy to help and get you a financial review so we can ensure you are getting the most competitive rates!

Please give me a ring at 980 598 5321 (I am located in Charlotte, NC) whenever you can and we can take a look at your account.

Thank you so much for being our customer!

Michelle Dowling