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Date of xray/image in new tx card

In Version 14 of treatment card we have opted to use "most recent" panorex as the image display on the treatment card.  When the doctor clicks on the image it enlarges which is great but there is no date.  It just states "most recent" which means they have to click into imaging to see when the pan was so kind of defeats the purpose of having it there.  Am I missing the date?  Or can it be an enhancement for the future?  

Thanks, Laurie 

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Date of xray/image in new tx card

Good Morning Laurie,

Unfortunately, the Treatment Card Image preview pane in v. 14 of OrthoTrac only displays a preview of the image along with the visit type and doesn't include the date of the visit.  The only  way to obtain this information at this time is to access Imaging.  I will forward your enhancement request on to our development team for consideration in a future update of the software.


Re: Date of xray/image in new tx card

Good day Laurie (braceslc‌), 

To add some more info to what Yomika said -- this has actually been requested by multiple other offices previously and is slated to be included in a future version of OT.  We had hoped to have it implemented by version 14.1 but were not able to get it in before that release. 


Phil Carter / OrthoTrac Escalations