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Canine II

Deleted past days

Help!!! I accidently removed 06/13/2021-08/25/2021 instead of 06/13/2022-08/25/2022!  I am on the cloud base system, is there anyway to restore this data?  I just did it today! 

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Re: Deleted past days

Good day Shayne ( @Braces2021 ),

I'm sorry, this was not seen until several hours after the issue you mentioned. For urgent issues, it is best to call Support directly at 866-722-2567, as this will get you a more prompt response than posting here in the forum. I do see that you did contact us via phone and the ticket has been escalated; however, when we tried to call you for more information to determine whether you were working on 10/29 to enter new info, we got your VM indicating the office was closed. 

Please reach out to us via phone at 866-722-2567  when you return to the office and reference Ticket # 7744114. 


Phil Carter / OrthoTrac Escalations

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