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Digital Signing of Code

After each update of OrthoTrac, my antivirus provider needs each new file to be whitelisted again. I asked them if there was anything more they could do. They told me that because Carestream dental does not sign the code with a digital certificate, they couldn't do more. 

It seems that this should be part of the basic security and stability of professionally coded software. I was wondering if that was something that you would implement before 2019 when windows 10 tightens its security regarding antivirus.   

Chris Hubbell -
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Re: Digital Signing of Code

Good day Chris ( @GeeksOnline),

While I certainly sympathize, OrthoTrac Development, in the past, has repeatedly asked to work with multiple AV providers including AVG, Norton and Avast in order to provide updated filesets when new versions are released.  To date we have received little to no response from any of those companies.  Most clients who find that their AV is being overzealous in removing OT files have set up exceptions to ignore the \OMS and \OMS-Spec  directories themselves including all files in those directories. 

However, I will be glad to forward your suggestion on to @uriyahrobinson (Uriyah Robinson), the OT Product Line manager. You may also want to post this enhancement request in the Product Ideas section of our site (click the Practice Management pull-down on the toolbar at the top, then select "Practice Ideas" at the bottom). A direct link is also available here:

The Product Ideas section is closely monitored by management and popular ideas can also be voted on by the community.


Phil Carter / OrthoTrac Escalations

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