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Email Hotkey for Dentist

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We recently upgraded to 14.1 and noted that the hotkey to email the dentist within Treatment Card is no longer available. Unfortunately the email information for the dentist is not available in the Patient Information screen or under Outside Doctor within Treatment Card. It is really impractical to have to go to the rolodex to locate other doctor's email addresses. Are there plans to bring the hotkeys back and can you add the email address to the dentist, referred by/to information in Patient Information as well as the address, phone & email address under Outside Doctor information in the Treatment Card?  Thanks!

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Re: Email Hotkey for Dentist

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Good day Kristie ( @khood),

We have already heard feedback from multiple practices that they would like the functionality restored for being able to see email addresses or click on outside doctors to email them in Charting.  This has been restored as of version 14.2, now in duplication and available for shipping to our clients in approximately two weeks.  Clicking the tooth icon in Charting to show outside doctor information will display, among other things, an envelope icon on the screen for you to be able to email the doctor.  See below for a screenshot.

Outside Doctor Info.png

Moving your mouse over the envelope icon for a doctor will pop up a message box displaying the email address. Clicking the envelope icon will automatically open a new email to that email address using your default mail client.

Regarding the email address in referring doctor information on the patient's main information screen, we have had many other offices request this as well.  It is in the works for a future version of OT but I do not have an exact ETA on that.

If you have any other questions, please let us know!


Phil Carter / OrthoTrac Escalations

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