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Canine III

Re: Emailing Letters to referring dentist

We can email directly from the chart, our protected trust is loaded into our outlook and once you initially enter a doctor office email into the system and have it set up it is good to go. We don't really have issues with the protected trust, which is good for us but we are trying to figure out the best way for the doctors to review and approve the letters before sending.

Have you saved them into a file on your desk top with NOVApdf then emailed them that way as an attachment? I can understand how frustrating your problems are, technology improves our lives but definitely challenges our nerves at times!

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Premolar II

Re: Emailing Letters to referring dentist

We have created a folder on our server (we are not on the cloud version of OrthoTrac) called "Doc's Letters"  and a shortcut to the file on the doctor's computer desktop. After posting a letter I open it up for basic editing/cleanupwhere I make sure address and basic info is there and/or add in red text any notes, prompts, or reminders the doctor may need for his letter. I then click the "Save As" button and save a copy to the "Doc's Letters" folder. I then put a post-it on his computer letting him know there is a letter waiting for him to review and save the OrthoTrac letter as "not ready" to print which puts it in the In Review queue. He does his editing and then lets me know when he is done. I then open the letter from the In Review queue, go to the Doc's Letters folder on the server and copy/paste the version of the edited letter into the copy of the letter in OrthoTrac. I then do any final editing/cleanup on the letter and print like normal from OrthoTrac. Once that's done I go back into the Doc's Letters folder and delete the copy of the letter there. 

It's a convoluted process but we found it works and I can "pace" the number of letters for the doctor. We do use questionnaires and templates but there is still a bit of editing that must be done. We streamlined our letters process by standardizing progress letters, debond letters and initial band/bond letters to the dentists and have imported the doctor's signature into the letter template. Our progress and debond questionnaires have a comment section that the doctor can jot down specific comments for me to include in those two letters and send without having to print and have him personally sign. He edits and signs and customized letters and the post consult letter. The letter that we send to the dentist informing them that their patient actually started treatment is sent the day they start. It basically says that our patient started treatment today, what type of treatment, what modality (traditional or Invisalign), expected completion date, and a paragraph about OH, invite them to contact us with questions, and a thanks for their referrals. Since it's so "generic" the doctor allows this one to go out without any review by him.