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Emailing Reports

In a future update, is it possible to add the option to email reports/ledgers/statements directly from OTrac.  It would be nice to be able to have an email option along with the print and export options.   We are a paperless practice and we waste so much paper printing reports, then scan to email.


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Re: Emailing Reports

Good day Dr. Spannhake (spannhakeorthodontics‌),

This request has been made by a number of other practices already and I believe it is in the works for a future version of Orthotrac.  In the meantime, there is a workable solution -- simply print the report to the "novaPDF"  printer, which saves a .PDF copy of the document, and then email that to the patient. 

When you print any report (or ledger, or any other printable item from Orthotrac), when the Print Selection screen appears, choose the "novaPDF" printer:

You will then be asked to choose a filename and location for the file:

It is generally easiest to click "Browse" and then select the desktop for the file location.  You may select any filename you like.

Once the file has been saved (to the desktop or any other location), you can send an email from the patient's chart by clicking the email address link, then attach the document from the desktop or wherever you saved it.  The email will then be added to Patient Tracking along with the attachment.

novaPDF is included as a helper application and printer when Orthotrac is installed.  If for whatever reason the "novaPDF" printer is not visible from Orthotrac, please contact Support at 866-722-2567  or email at   for further assistance.


Phil Carter / Orthotrac Support


Re: Emailing Reports

Thanks so much!  I never thought to do this!