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Emailing patient letters

Our IT guy has been working with orthotrac to help us email patient letters rather than printing and sending them out via the post office.  We cannot get our letters to send via email and I was wondering if anyone who uses orthotrac who has versions 2013 or above how and if you can send your letters via email.  There has to be a way for us to do this, but we keep getting glitches.

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

when you say version mean of Microsoft outlook correct?

you want to make sure it is the 32 bit version professional of Mircosoft office.

Also I do recommend calling our support as they are able to connect with your computer and troubleshoot technical issues that prevent the functionality of the email option.

Emailing letters is something that can be done, but as with all 3rd party integrations with Orthotrac, sometimes technical issues with Windows and Microsoft communicating with Orthotrac can have issues

orthotrac support 866-722-2567 opt 2

Community Manager
Community Manager

I apologize that this was missed @dmeiklejohn923, let me tag someone who may be able to help. 
@jenpav @jsones @s_proctor  do you happen to know? 

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