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Community Manager

Hosted Practice Management Service Update – Please Read



We want to provide an update on the systems outage that is currently causing a service disruption to our cloud users in the hosted environment. 

Earlier this morning, we experienced a cyber-attack. In an abundance of caution, we quarantined all of our hosted infrastructure, which prevents customers from accessing their systems.

Our scale allows us to have multiple layers of defense and encryption of certain sensitive data. The attack was limited in nature and at this time we have no evidence of data compromise.  

We activated a dedicated internal team, and—after reviewing the incident with external parties and initiating our security protocols—we are working on bringing the environment back online.   Our first priority is to bring up the environment in a safe and secure way, and we are committed to doing that as quickly as possible. That process has already started and will continue throughout the rest of the day.  We will keep you updated through email and The Exchange.  Our support staff does not have the ability to accelerate access to the environment and we would encourage you to utilize The Exchange for new information.

We know this creates a significant challenge for you, and we have deployed all resources internally and externally to bring the systems back up as soon as possible safely and securely. 

We will update you as soon as possible on the status of system access and any further information as it becomes available.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Please find the newest update for Cloud service here, 

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Canine III

Thank you for the update.  We never want our data compromised in any way. I hope that when we come in tomorrow we don't have to reinstall citrix or jump through password hoops like we had to recently.  If at all possible an update this evening re: restarting, reinstall or resetting passwords would be helpful in planning if we should go to the office earlier to accommodate for these time consuming tasks prior to patients arriving.