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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

IPR with Aligner Patients

Hello Orthotrac Users,
We are currently in the process of designing IPR feature in the TX card and we would like to understand how you track IPR and what is important to you as a clinician.  We are asking for help, please review the following questions below and give us your input. Your experience will reflect directly within our upcoming design.. Thanks in advance, and I look forward to hearing from everyone! All input is great input!!  
As a doctor/clinician,  is it important for me to know what tray my patient was wearing prior to creating a new series?
As a doctor/clinician, is it important for me to be able to see all completed IPRs on previous series of trays.
As doctor/clinician,  is it important for me to retain all planned IPRs on a previous series of trays?
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Canine III

Re: IPR with Aligner Patients


IPR may be done with Invisalign or with Braces, so this feature should not be embedded in the Invisalign tracking, but be able to be accessed solo or from Invisalign tracking.

Generally we found the new aligner tracking module insufficient in a lot of aspects, so are not using it as of now. If it can be developed a lot more, it will be a great feature. Here are some comments:

- Need some customizable fields for information that an office may want re Invisalign (or other) aligners:

*For example, Case Type (you have Brand, but in each brand there may be different types - Invisalign Full, Teen, Lite, etc). This is important to know at a glance.

*Then we list where we have stored the trays in the office, maybe a field that says - Custom - We would name it Location: and then we would type where the box is kept for each patient, since we have a filing system for ease of storage and location (this is what we use, others may have a different system, so it needs to be customizable)

*Custom field for us - Is patient on Acceledent?

*Custom field for us - Does patient use Eversmile?

- Invisalign full cases allow more than 3 refinements (unlimited RF are allowed), and even though it is unlikely for this to happen, maybe an "other" field in the RF number

- Need a place for each series to add what stage attachments come on and what stage that come off. This would be better to be really customizable, since sometimes attachments come on different teeth at different stages, and off at different stages. It is important to know any stage that something like this is "happening" not necessarily the details of each one. This is because when giving patient aligners, the assistant can quickly see that aligner #6 (random example) cannot be given since there is IPR at that stage/or an attachment is coming on or off at that stage, etc

- Auxillaries or elastics needed? Yes or no - location - this is for planning purposes

- Pontic/s needed - shade

- IPR details - mostly what stages the IPR is planned at. Also a way to mark if IPR was actually done

- For Upper and Lower series, when does Overcorrection start? Any passive aligners?

- Were any replacement aligners ordered?

- Treatment expiration date

- Custom field - Other notes - for example if we consistently need to trim the aligners at a certain spot for comfort of ease of removal, this can be entered and the assistant going over the schedule sees this and pre-trims the aligners that will be given that visit. Another example - comment that we are cutting off the 2nd molar tab since it is irritating the patient... lots of little things come up which are good to note in the tracking as opposed to having to scroll through the whole chart notes section.


Dr. Monica

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: IPR with Aligner Patients

Thank you @monica Teredesai.. this is important feedback as we continue to grow and develop the aligner tracking feature in Orthotrac.  Please continue to list your needs on this thread, we will continue to post updates as they are developed.  Thank you for your time. 

Jerry Dickens

Lead Designer Orthotrac 

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: IPR with Aligner Patients


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