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Important Read Windows 10 Upgrade


Microsoft has gotten pretty sneaky with their latest Windows 10 push. They have released a new update that automatically schedules the Windows 10 upgrade on your computers. If your software & hardware (pans, sensors, cameras, etc.) hasn't been certified for use with Windows 10 yet it's recommended you press the "Click Here" option and cancel the upgrade.                                 wind10jammie.jpg

This is an important read and can keep your office systems out of trouble.

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Important Read Windows 10 Upgrade

Great tip!

Verify any other software and hardware your running are ready, but rest assured that if you are running any version of CS OrthoTrac 12.x, your all set as OrthoTrac is Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise compliant.  Not running a build of

Version 12?  Did you know you can log a request without having to call the support center to have the update sent to you
by requesting it at