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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

In case you missed us at the AAO (New Treatment Card Designs!)

Hey there everyone, and greetings from the OrthoTrac "Pit-Crew!"

We had the chance to meet many of you at the AAO in San Diego and in case you missed us, I'd like to share some of the things you will have to look forward to as we redesign the Treatment Card.

So, the Hood is up on OrthoTrac and we're engaged in a redesign of the Treatment Card. Here's where things are so far, and we're still "under the hood" so to speak.

Tx Card Prototype

Patient Insight Panel

Here are some of the great things we've far:

  • Enable higher resolution capability (go edge to edge on the screen) to enable a premium viewing experience.
  • Provide a Patient Banner that keeps important information in view regardless of what tab is being viewed.
  • Give higher visibility to medical alerts.
  • Reduce mouse-clicks and pop-ups when staff wants to view or enter information
  • Improve information delivery to reduce the need for clinical staff to navigate away from the Tx Card.
  • A new "Patient Insight Panel: that will help Clinical staff to:
    • Track multiple phases (see the green and red bars above).
    • See a compliance dashboard that makes visible information that would usually have to be gained by sifting through the treatment history.
  •  Offer the ability to see family members that are also patients and, even better, to be able to open multiple charts at once.
  • The ability to enter when the patient's next prophy is.

There's much being done here to improve the Tx Card and we'd love to get discussions going with you to help keep things on track.