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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Meet the OrthoTrac Experts!

Join us October 24, 2017 at 1pm EST for a live question and answer webinar where your questions will be answered by an expert on the panel. The panel of experts will include Carestream employees who develop our software as well as employees who train and support our products. Your questions can include anything related to your practice management software, Carestream Imaging, as well as using the Cloud environment.

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To get the most out of the hour, comment below to submit your questions prior to the webinar!

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Canine III

Re: Meet the OrthoTrac Experts!

We like to record when an email is sent...depending on where in Orthotrac you send an email, there are some areas where you have to jump through hoops to get the email saved and recorded in Patient Tracking and on the treatment card.  We believe this needs to be improved...what say you?

Canine III

Re: Meet the OrthoTrac Experts!

We have two doctors in our there a way that the doctor code on the treatment page can be set at the beginning of the day to automatically put that Doctor's number into the treatment sheet just for that day?  We have the doctor code defaulted for the patient and each time the other doctor sees the patient, he has to physically change the setting.  If the doctor for the day is seeing all the patients, perhaps a quick setting at the beginning of the day could make him the default doctor for the day...not sure if I am making sense, but hopefully yes.