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Re: New Treatment Card changes

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I agree with Zachton Lowe that being able to see multiple previous visits is important. We have also found that because our Dr. likes to be able to see any communications to/from the patients general dentist and between us and the patient in the charting (instead of clicking on the document link in imaging). So this results in us having constantly to scroll up to see what happened during previous visits.  

If there was a way we could pick/choose even more specific communications/letters saved, scanned, or imported into the OrthoTrac that are viewable in the charting module than we currently can it would be great. At this point I can either have all letters (including the appointment/financial/collection ones) showing in the chart or none. He would like to see only the communications regarding the patient's actual treatment, treatment cooperation letters, and any communications re: appts/scheduling between us and the patient in the charting itself.  Considering I'm sending a financial text, email or letter every few days when a patient in in arrears financially it tends to clutter up the patient charting. It also results in our doctor becoming unnecessarily  stressed out because he sees several financial letters between the patient visits. At least once a day he calls me into the office asking whether or not he should do the scheduled procedures on a patient because he sees links to a series of letters and emails re money and more often than not I'm telling him that a payment arrangement is in place or they brought the account current since the last letter.