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OrthoTrac/Carestream Cloud multiple offline days

I've been using OrthoTrac for going on 15 years in one practice. We made the decision to go to Carestream's Cloud based service in February of 2020 because it seemed to be where the future was going. Since that time, today is the FOURTH fully-booked practice day where I as the orthodontist had to "wing-it" as the cloud was down and I couldn't access vital information from my patient charts. I'm really beginning to think the move to the cloud was a very poor idea. 

Canine III

We have been using orthotrac for 25+ years and the cloud for 3+ and NEVER EVER HAD ISSUES UNTIL RECENTLY! I wish they were upfront about the issues and fix whatever is going on- truly mindblowing that the system is down again.
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Community Manager

We understand your frustration, and we’re working to do better. If someone from the team has not already reached out to you, please feel free to contact us at and we can discuss how to make the situation right.

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We've been on the cloud for over 5 years.  I had been very happy with being on the cloud, and my complaints were about the software glitches and flat out errors that still have not been fixed.  If you have a patient with two phases of treatment, the new banding date populates in the phase I old claim field. That's insane. Also, the MATH ERROR on financials.  If you have a patient with multiple responsible parties, the TOTAL BALANCE doesn't include the balance of the other responsible party.  Again, insane.  This CAN'T be hard to fix, and YEARS later, I'm still griping.  Cloud issues did occur, but they were a rarity.  In the past year or so, it seems to be catastrophic occurrences that wipe us out for a full day, over and over again.  Add in the citrix receiver disconnect issues that have caused us to lose imaging.  Carestream should be both embarrassed and financially liable for these interruptions.  

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We appreciate your patience during this frustrating time. Our announcement message on The Exchange (visible from the Home page and at the top of each product page) was just updated with the following information. That message will continue to be updated as more information comes in. 

Thank you for checking The Exchange for updates, and for your continued patience during this frustrating time. This will be the last update on this forum for Nov. 18. The team has been working non-stop to have this issue resolved and will continue to do so throughout the evening.  


A potential resolution has been identified and it’s likely that service will be restored tomorrow morning. There is a possibility that your login credentials may not work. For those who experience this issue, we will be assisting customers with resetting passwords. Please contact to do so. 


If anything changes during the evening hours, we will update the Exchange. If needed, updates will begin again on the Exchange the morning of Nov. 19. 

Fix the REAL problem and stop the generic posts. You are hurting users and patients with your incompetence.
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Carestream is derelict in its responsibilities at this point. I truly am beginning to believe the "security incident" is a cover for something else. It makes no sense. Either their security is at best poor, which is a problem, or, systems are being taken off line purposefully for system upgrades and they'd prefer to do it when it costs less (during regular business hours).

I would certainly hope the cloud service wasn't taken offline for that latter reason but the former reason isn't much better since the same excuse was used just 6 weeks ago! It seems that my local server when I had it was infinitely more secure than what Carestream has now!

I agree. We have been using Orthotrac for 26 years - the last four on the cloud. We had limited issues when we were not on the cloud. The fourth time w/o clinical charts, front desk or Xrays is really unacceptable for this company.