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Canine II

Orthotrac Cloud kicking out of software on all computers

Is anyone else having a problem with orthotrac cloud kicking them out of software started yesterday and different users having the same issue

Canine III

yup...and they have NO timeline on a resolution... been complaining about this for MONTHS.  Its a license issue with the microsoft servers they use once the went to their "new and improved" cloud environment... which has caused more issues than ever for us.  But they still want us to keep paying, when they can't provide a stable environment to use... how can you NOT have licensing issues worked out with the 3rd party they use (microsoft) and actually implement a system like this?   AND months later, STILL have no resolution... OR have a timetable on it?   inexusable.   oh, and nobody gets back to you when you leave vmails for the higher people up.  they ignore your complaints (john wildharber)

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