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Orthotrac only allowing one page to be scanned in at a time

When trying to scan documents into Orthotrac, the system is only taking one page document scans and stops for that input. Most of my documents are multiple pages, and the system is not allowing me to scan them it just stops at page 1 and acts like that is it. 

Has anyone had this issue or can provide some input or guidance? My scanner is not new, have been using it for a year or two, my drivers on it are up to date and I can scan multiple pages into my scanner when I use the scanner software or different software. This must be an orthotrac option I'm not aware of??

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @Bdart711
I reported this to the team. You may want to ensure the correct scanner and TWAIN drives are selected.
1. Open the chart for any patient and click Orthodontic Imaging.

2. Click the Preference button, and select the Scanner tab.
3. Click Select Scanner to ensure the correct one is being used. 
If this has been done already or if this does not resolve the problem, it is best to contact support to investigate further ( or 866.722.2567). 

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