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Patient Flow & Hippa

Has anyone had patients complain about the patient flow system not being hippa compliant?  Orthotrac will not allow us to use Initials either for the first or last name and I have had 2 patients this week say they don't want their name listed.  We use it in our operatory.  I'd sure love more options or another way to get around this.  Thanks!

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Re: Patient Flow & Hippa

Good day Cyndi (cyndigardner1‌),

All Patient Flow settings have been certified HIPAA compliant.  Patients complaining that it is not compliant are mistaken. 

If you are using a patient check-in screen  (a workstation where patients check themselves in, usually located in the lobby area), I recommend setting your Patient Flow check-in screen to use the option "Patient - Name Entry".  This option will require the patient to type in *all* characters of their last name and will only display a match if the name matches exactly, compared to the "Patient - Non-Photographic"  setting which only requires patients to type a few characters of their last name and then displays a list of all names that fit that criteria. 

From the patient flow check-in PC, select Functions, Maintenance/Setup, Patient Flow Options.  If patient flow is already running, press Shift-8  (that is, )  on your keyboard to open Patient Flow Options.  The setting you are looking for is located here.  You may also select "Patient - Photographic" to display patients by photo instead.

Regarding *operatory* screens, though -- it is not possible to remove patient names from a staff Patient Flow display.  It is absolutely essential that patient names be displayed on the clinical workstations, otherwise you would have no way to move patients from one location to another.  


Phil Carter / OrthoTrac Escalations

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