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Patient Information Insurance Information

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When Adding an existing Responsible Party to a New Patient Patient Information screen-is there a reason why the Employer/Insurance Information for that Responsible Party does not pull over? 

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Re: Patient Information Insurance Information

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Good day Kristie ( @khood ),

If you are adding the responsible party during the new patient addition process and doing so manually by entering their name, the system considers that new name a separate responsible party.  To add an existing responsible party to a new patient during the addition process, please use the Special menu at the top and select "Family Member is a Patient (Link Responsible Parties)".  After selecting the existing patient that has the existing responsible party, you will be presented with a window allowing you to choose which RPs you want to attach to the new patient.  Assuming that you select all RPs listed, all RPs attached in this way will be attached to the new patient with all insurances associated with them. 


Phil Carter / OrthoTrac Escalations