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Premolar III

Phone Call Tracking Option

Good morning OrthoTrac group.  Above is a suggestion from one of our OT clients.  Is this an issue for your practice?  How do you track your attempts to call patients?  I would suggest the idea would need to be expanded to include, not just phone calls, but emails, texts, and letters.  Maybe more of a "contact tracking option" which would be stored in a list at the patient level and a daily list of missed attempts could be delivered to a selected user or users so that new attempts could be made.  Would love your thoughts!




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Canine II

I post all attempts to contact the pt. in the patient charting, as it is a legal record.  It would also be really helpful to have a separate record of patient contact that could be printed out for the office and the patient.  Great idea!

Canine II

I just make a note about any phone attempts in the patient chart and the e-mails and letters sent already automatically track there.  I do not text because it is a feature that very few of our patients use for communicating with us.

Premolar III

Thank you Monica, this is a great process!

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Canine III

In our office, we have made a procedure code for "Left message". When scheduling leaves a message, they just add this procedure code in the chart itself, and just put their initials. This is used when we contact patients for scheduling or treatment related issues (not financial). Also, we use the comments section in the recall to indicate when patient was contacted and the attempt. As an example, if we are following up on a patient who came for a consult, and is pending Tx start, messages in chart would just say "Left message" and initials. The message in the recall comment might read one of the following in the order below:

F1 8/1 inv start

F2 8/15 inv st

Email snt 9/1 Inv st

This way, when viewing the recall person knows when last contact was, for what and how many attempts, etc. Hope this helps!