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Canine II

Please update the Orthotrac Cloud Outage message

Orthotrac Cloud,

Please update your message regarding the outage today. It has been the same message for several hours now. We all need an update on progress.

Community Manager
Community Manager

We apologize for the disruption in service and are working nonstop to get to the bottom of the issue. Please continue to check The Exchange Home page for updates, below is the most recent update. 

We are aware that some customers are experiencing slowdown in system functionality. Our technical support team believes that it is related to system security tools deployed in the hosted infrastructure unexpectedly impacting system responsiveness. The team is working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible, and we will update The Exchange as more information becomes available.

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Premolar III

exactly.  We've been out all morning. 47 people ahead of me in the queue, which is a boding sign. 

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We were on hold for over 2 hours today just to have a representative state Cloud services is unavailable to help.  He did advise us that the server we are on had an authentication issue with anyone opening the cloud software. Before we got kicked out we quickly printed schedules so we at least knew who to call to cancel. So again we have another day with no payments processed, no revenue coming in.  



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November 14th????  We are screwed.....

Canine III

SERIOUSLY : Is it too much to ask that the "announcement/update" be date and time stamped please?  We are not always sure when the latest announcement is from.  Thank you