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Canine III

Printing envelopes from rolodex

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Hi Everyone,

I noticed, when trying to print an envelope for a business contact directly from the roladdress, that only the address of the business prints on the envelope.  No name prints.  When printing envelopes from the word processing module, both name and address are printed. 

Because the  word processing module only allows printing envelopes for  Doctor, carrier, patient, responsible party and staff, envelopes for businesses must be printed elsewhere.

Is this something that will be addressed?

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Re: Printing envelopes from rolodex

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Good day Dr. Trohatos   ( @htrohatos),

Thank you for reporting this!  We have not previously had it brought up but I have tested and was able to reproduce the issue in the latest version of OrthoTrac.  I will have it written up as a defect and we will have it corrected in a future version of the software. 


Phil Carter / OrthoTrac Escalations

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