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Procedure Codes in Ledger

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Would it be possible to save procedure codes that are entered into the ledger to save in Treatment Card? Perhaps under Events or by changing Documents to Documents/Communication? We will note in the chart if we email xrays to another provider or make attempts to contact a pt regarding scheduling or accounting issues. Opening the ledger & being able to make quick 10-key entries into charts utilizing procedure codes makes this so much more practical and less time-consuming that opening each chart & taking several more steps to do the same thing. I instruct my staff to utilize the procedure codes that I've set up specifically for different types of pt communication. Currently these are only saved to Patient Tracking however legally these types of things should be somewhere within the Treatment Card especially if there was an issue with non-compliance or the sharing of certain pt data. Perhaps there could be a simple adjustment to Procedure codes under maintenance as to whether a particular code should always be saved in Treatment Card? Thanks!

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Re: Procedure Codes in Ledger

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Good day Kristie ( @khood ),

I will pass this on to Management (tagging @uriyahrobinson ) but it is likely that this change will not be made because not all procedure codes are clinical procedure codes.  The Treatment Card / Charting is intended for procedure codes directly related to the patient's clinical treatment, while the procedure codes posted in the Financials screen may be related to clinical treatment or to other non-related issues such as retainer replacements, charges for records, etc.  

Also, in future, may I suggest that you post your enhancement requests in the new Product Ideas section of our site? The Product Ideas section can be reached by clicking the Practice Management pull-down on the toolbar at the top, then selecting "Product Ideas" at the bottom. A direct link is also available here:

The Product Ideas section is closely monitored by management and popular ideas can also be voted on by the community.


Phil Carter / OrthoTrac Escalations