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RE: Orthotrac update

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We just received an update disk for Orthotrac to version 12.0.  Is there a place to read about the new features or fixes that this update provides?

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Re: RE: Orthotrac update

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Good day Dr. Singer (jsinger97), 

Your mention of version 12.0 gave me some pause, as that version is a few years old now.  I show that you were shipped version  of OrthoTrac, which is the latest version. 

Carestream only releases full "What's New" documentation for major releases like version 12.1 of OrthoTrac.  Incremental or maintenance releases like version only provide listings of the enhancements and corrections in those versions.  The Documentation page on the main Carestream Dental website does provide all documents related to OrthoTrac.  You may visit the following link: 

and click on the "CS OrthoTrac V12.0.0 - 12.4.6: Enhancements and Corrections" document link. 

Please note that document includes information up to version   There is no information in this document about version  specifically because it only included a single fix to correct an issue with the previous release. 

I am including both the Enhancements and Corrections document and the Support Notes document for version  here for convenience. 


Phil Carter / Orthotrac Escalations

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