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Canine III

Sales Calls

A funny thing happened this morning, I received a phone call from a Kelly at Carestream Dental trying to sell me a new program called patient manager. She asked if I was interested in learning more about the product. I stopped her there and informed her that we are currently paying for Orthotrac and all of the functions in orthotrac are not working properly at this point, we keep being told that they are upgrading the system but there doesn't seem to be any changes  (the roll report has not automatically rolled since October 2020, problems with insurance billing to the point that I don't even use Orthotrac for insurance billing, etc.). So, no I am not interested in paying Orthotrac for yet another service when we can't even get full functionality of the service we are currently paying for. All she said was thank you and hung up, no questions, no concern. Anybody else getting sales calls?

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee


I'm sorry that you are experiencing some difficulty with your OrthoTrac software.  Would you please send me a direct message here or an email to with your practice contact info and I would be happy to ask someone to follow up on your open issues.