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Schedule Maintenance

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I am very frustrated that we have been waiting for a new version on Orthotrac to come out for several weeks in order to be able to put a schedule into our system......we are now 2 months late getting our schedules in for July & August.........I have called support several times and keep getting told it should be done in by the end of the month.......this was told to me in January and now in February.....unacceptable!

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Re: Schedule Maintenance

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Good day Tracey ( @braces1 ),

I see our Product Line Manager Uriyah Robinson has already responded in the other thread where you posted about it.  Here is a link to that thread:

In case you did not see it in that thread, though, I am posting his response below:

"We are in the final stages of finishing up V14.3.  In order to ensure we provide a quality release of 14.3 to customers, we are proactively ironing out a few lingering bugs to provide a much improved experience to using OrthoTrac.   We plan to be complete as early as 3rd week of February."

I am not sure what practice you are with.  However, I will note that for any offices that have been affected by the schedule delay, I have offered to add schedule days for a month or more for them as a courtesy, and would like to extend that same courtesy to you as well.  If you would like to take advantage of that, please contact me directly at   with the following:

-- A list of the dates you would like added 

-- For each date, the schedule location, schedule standard, and schedule doctor you would like used for that day

-- Your practice name or phone number

-- If you are not a Cloud client, a good time for me to contact you and get a session to your server so I can make the necessary additions. 


Phil Carter / OrthoTrac Escalations