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Scheduling Templates Needed

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1) Can you share some efficient scheduling templates for OrthoTrac?

2)  Please outline the steps to print out the daily schedules on one page. Many thanks!

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Re: Scheduling Templates Needed

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Good day Dr. Chuang (rockthatsmile‌),

1.  Unfortunately, due to the tremendous variation of office scheduling, we do not have any standardized templates that can be shared or loaded. Some offices use 5 minute increments for schedules; some use 30 minutes.  Some use preblocked appointments that are rigidly controlled; others use completely open scheduling that will allow any appointment in any slot at any time.  Some offices have only four chairs while others have up to 20.  There is too much variation in office workflow for us to be able to provide any kind of standardized template.  You are free to create your own schedule templates in Schedule Maintenance and experiment to see what works best for your practice. 

2.  The Orthotrac schedule reports are hard coded.  They will print a varying number of pages depending on what time increments you have selected and the start and end times you select for your day.  Schedules will print more pages if smaller time increments are used and less pages if larger time increments are used.  For example, a schedule using 5 minute time increments will require more pages than a 30 minute time increment schedule because there are far more individual time blocks to display.  Similarly, a schedule that begins at noon and ends at 4 PM for a half day will require less pages than a schedule that begins at 6 AM and ends at 6 PM for a full twelve hours.  

If you have any other questions, please let us know!


Phil Carter / Orthotrac Escalations

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