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Signature Pads?

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We are looking at setting up electronic signatures.  Can anyone recommend between a topaz signature pad or a pc tablet?  

If we set up a tablet, how easy is it to have the patients sign the documents on the tablet, then save the whole document to the patient's charts bypassing the need to scan a paper version?

My IT guys are of no help.  

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Re: Signature Pads?

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Good day Helen (htrohatos‌),

We do not recommend use of tablets for signatures.  It is technically possible but the option does not work well and most clients who have tried it elect to revert to using a pad.  We recommend obtaining a signature pad from Topaz for capturing signatures.  Topaz's line of LCD signature pads can be found here:

Electronic Signature Pads | Topaz Systems Inc. 

Once you purchase a signature pad, please contact Support via phone at 866-722-2567 or email at   to have the signature pad installed and set up. You can also view the following knowledge articles here:

OrthoTrac: How to Set Up The Electronic Signature Feature (How to Install An Electronic Signature Pa... 


OrthoTrac: How to Set Up a Letter to Capture Electronic Signatures or Initials 


OrthoTrac: How to Capture Electronic Signatures or Initials 

As for wanting to bypass printing a document and scanning it, once you capture the signature from the patient (or RP), you can choose to print the letter to the "novaPDF" printer (that is, print to a file) instead of to a physical printer if you don't want to waste paper. Once the document has finished "printing", using the Confirm option in Post and Print will confirm the document to the patient's document storage where it can be viewed at any time. 


Phil Carter / OrthoTrac Escalations