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Canine II

Slow down??....we are completely down !!??

We have been down all day....we have nothing here..again...Help !! 

Community Manager
Community Manager

We apologize for your frustrations, but assure you we have a dedicated team working to address the current issues you are experiencing. Please continue to check the Home page of The Exchange for updates. 

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Canine II

Thank you for saying this. I'm not sure what they mean by slow down either. It seems like they are downplaying the problem. 

Premolar III

exactly.  It's a complete stop with not nearly enough info coming through to us other than canned "We are working on this issue and appreciate your patience."  The fact that they had to change the help desk phone message is indicative of how big this problem is.  

Slow down??? What slow down??? We have been completely down all day...again.