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Canine II

Slower than slow

Orthotrac cloud so slow uploading and downloading images, last week waited 45 minutes for images to load for a np consult.  account manager always just redirects to the cloud team and nothing helps.  Why cant someone honest help our offices out and speed up our day before all computers end up on the highway.  Fix the issues within your company to speed up all your paying customers! 

Canine III

yup... EVERYTHING is slower than slow.. i get lagging just typing in a chart! for 2 weeks now. And the "usual" performance is too slow... lately just way worse. ... hard to even be workable let alone efficient. No help as usual. Imagine is horrendous since the "upgrade".,.. which all it did from a user end is slow down 10x just to open imaging
Community Manager
Community Manager

I will reach out to you directly for additional feedback, but this should be resolved now.  

Canine II

On the Carestream Dental status page, "OrthoTrac Hosted" and "Hosted Practice Management and Imaging" shows running in "Degraded Performance" mode. Since it's been in that status for two days, I would think there would be some form of communications to the user community about system status. It's not hard. What's up Carestream?

Is the MIGRATION we are being forced to do, supposed to address this horrendous sluggishness of a system we pay top dollar for?    Nobody really gives us a real answer on WHAT is really being done with this "migration"....Can i get an actual answer here on what is happening?  And also what problems will i then encounter after, as there are always issues after an upgrade/change on carestreams end.   I emailed multiple contacts at carestream and the escalation team about this and radio silence... 

Hello Dr. Doug 

I will reach out via phone and email to answer your specific questions. 

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