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After speaking to TransFirst, the only seamless partner for settling credit cards, we have discovered that we are paying extra fees because OrthoTrac does not do both the zipcode match and the address match. According to Transfirst, this would reduce the fees that we pay for processing credit cards. Also, all auto payments should have the matching as well.

TransFirst called and OrthoTrac has no time frame for fixing this problem.

OrthoTrac should give customers a discount until this problem is fixed as customers cannot fix this on their own.

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Re: TransFirst

Good day Gwyn,

That definitely does not seem right.  I am tagging a couple of the higher-ups in the company to make sure they are aware of this.  We in Support unfortunately have no control over pricing. 

brian.harris​, swhitt​, mthendrickson​,  can any of you speak to Gwyn's concerns or suggest someone who can?

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