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What Would You Like to See Here?

Hello to all of our valued clients!  We are adding new Orthotrac content as fast as we can, but we need your suggestions on what you would like to see here.  Do you want more information on financials?  How to use the AWPS letters and questionnaires?  Perhaps you'd like more information on running reports to find certain information.  Let us know and we'll be glad to add content that matches your needs! 

Of course, you are also always welcome to start discussions of your own, but it's our hope that this discussion right here can become a wishlist for the kinds of commonly asked questions you'd like to see answered in the Community.

-- Phil Carter, Orthotrac Support

Canine III

I've had a report on my wishlist for some time now. Is there a way to generate a report by date or date range that lists patient "no shows"?  Currently I believe it will show in patient tracking but it cannot be compiled into a report.


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Good day Dr. Leizer,

Ask and ye shall receive.  New content is now available at this page:

Orthotrac: How to Run a Report for Patients Who Had a No-Show During a Date Range