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active contract reports

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we are looking to get a report like the contract summary but do not want it to include any collections or discontinued patients with a balance.  Is there a way to get that without those patients?



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Re: active contract reports

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Good day Heather ( @bracemom35 ), 

The thing that will make the biggest difference in the results for that report is making sure that you are only searching for active contracts.  Let me point out a few options on the Contract Summary options screen when you choose to run the report:

2019-10-22 07_39_43-Contract Summary.png

You will get far more results than you want if you have all three of the highlighted options checked.  "Monthly Fee" will include all patients who are set to a contract status for a specific fee every month with no ending date.  "Visit Charge" will include all patients who are set to a contract status for a per-visit charge.  And finally (and most importantly), "Open" will include all patients who have NO contract status but still have a balance (positive OR negative).  

What you probably want to do is to run the Contract Summary report without these three options checked.  This will drastically cut down on your results because all of the patients remaining will actually have an active Contract status.  If you still have patients appearing on the report and they should not be because they are in collections or discontinued, simply do a Current-Only adjustment on the responsible parties with a balance to set the current balance for that responsible party to be equal to the total balance. This will remove the Contract status, but will leave the balance on the account if you need it to remain there for whatever reason.


Phil Carter / OrthoTrac Escalations