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Canine II

multiple locations

We have multiple locations is there an easy way to tell which office the patient go to So we can schedule their next appointment at a glance? In stead of going into the patient charts.

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Good day Mandy,

The problem is that the Location shown on the patient's main information screen is a financial location, while the locations shown in Schedule Maintenance are schedule-only locations.  The two may have no analogues to each other, or there may be some locations which appear as financial locations but  not in scheduling, or vice versa.  Thus, we have no way of verifying or "checking" the patient's financial location against the scheduling location that is chosen when the patient is scheduled for an appointment.

If you are scheduling a patient's appointment from their own Scheduling screen, you can quickly reference prior appointments they have completed by clicking the "Completed" radio button, as in the screenshot below.  This will tell you which schedule office they have been seen in previously and then you can click "Schedule Appointment" to proceed with the appointment scheduling process.

If you are scheduling appointments directly from the Schedule View screen, you would need to right-click the patient's appointment and select "Load Chart for Selected Patient"  in order to view their location information.

Many offices, as Dr.  cleizer   mentioned in this thread, have chosen to differentiate patients by numbering scheme.  This lets you know that information at a glance.

Canine III

We have multiple locations as well. To differentiate between the two offices at a glance we set up chart numbers with a different prefix for each respective location (eg - location A patients have a chart number 1_ _ _ _ _ and location B patients have chart numbers starting with 2 _ _ _ _ _ ).