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Alphabetize Letters

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I know I have addressed this issue a while ago.  However, thought I would ask again!

When Posting and printing Post Treatment Conference/Exams letters in Orthotrac,  is there any way that we can sort them Alphabetize by LAST name instead of by the date?

Currently we have quite a few letters awaiting action, and it would be nice and ALOT faster is we could sort them alphabetically.

thanks in advance.


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Re: Alphabetize Letters

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Good day Heidi (preichl‌), 

I am sorry to say that the letters list in Orthotrac is hard coded to sort in order by the date the letters were posted or edited. It is not possible to re-sort them alphabetically by last name.  I will make sure the Orthotrac PLM uriyahrobinson‌  is aware of your suggestion, however!

Thanks for the feedback. 


Phil Carter / Orthotrac Escalation

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