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Deleting a Doctor from Patient Charting

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When going into a patient chart we have a box that pops up to select a doctor then it proceeds into the charting. How do I delete a doctor from that box? Thank You!

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Re: Deleting a Doctor from Patient Charting

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Good day Sarah (sarahs‌), 

The list of doctors showing when you start Charting is taken from the list of active doctors in Staff Maintenance.  To inactivate a doctor in Staff Maintenance:

1.  Go to Functions, Maintenance, Staff Maintenance. 

2.  Select the doctor and click the Change button. 

3.  Click the Terminated radio button and enter a termination date.

4.  Click OK to save changes.

5.  Restart OrthoTrac for the change to take effect. 

NOTE:  Before inactivating a doctor in OrthoTrac it is strongly, strongly recommended to run a Contact Experts report for all patients assigned to that doctor, so you can reassign them to an active doctor.  Leaving patients assigned to that doctor and inactivating them will cause problems with reporting and financials. 

To run a Contact Experts report for patients assigned to this doctor:

1.  Go to Functions, Contact Experts.

2.  Select Pt Doctor (Staff) from the list of fields (leftmost column). 

3.  Select "is equal to". 

4.  Select the staff doctor from the pull-down list. 

5.  Click the Search button. 

6.  When the list of patients is displayed, click the Report button to print the list. 

You will then need to go to the Patient Information screen for each of these patients and assign them to a different staff doctor before you inactivate them in Staff Maintenance.   If there are a large number of patients assigned to this doctor, Support can run a query in your database to change all of them to a different doctor; we would just need to know which doctor the patients are being moved from and which doctor to move them to.


Phil Carter / OrthoTrac Escalations