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Canine III

How do you query by model number?

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Need to purge files/records. How can you run a query by model number with a cross reference to status?


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Re: How do you query by model number?

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Good day Paula (paularyfa‌),

You can run a Contact Experts search to find patients with specific Model information and in specific statuses.  For more information, please see the knowledge article OrthoTrac: Creating a Custom Report in the Contact Expert  . 

I am copying the relevant information here for convenience:

1.  From the main menu, select Functions > Contact Expert.

2.  From the List of drop-down field, select Patients or Responsible Parties. Contact Expert can be used to show patient names or responsible party names.

3.  Select the report search criteria from the list at the bottom of the window. Add any field from the three search categories at the bottom of the screen: Patient Fields, Communications Questions, or Responsible Party Fields. Click on the first blue box in the Where section and select the item you want to find from the list at the bottom of the screen. 

NOTE:  In this case you would want to use the fields "Model" and "Status" as your search criteria. 

4.  To determine the sort order, select in ascending order or in descending order from the drop-down field.

5.  Select a qualifier for the search field from the list:

  • Is equal to, is not equal to, starts with, ends with, contains - For each search criteria there is a choice between some or all of these constraints.  If is equal to or is not equal to is selected, the search is quantified by the constraint.  For starts with, ends with, and contains,there is only one quantifier entry.

6.  Select additional search criteria as needed.  Up to eight search criteria may be selected.

Note:  When using multiple search criteria, Contact Expert searches for records that match all of the criteria. If the search includes Pt ID Number and Pt City, Contact Expert looks for all records that match the Pt ID Number and the Pt City criteria.  The exception to this is if the same search criteria is selected more than once. If Status is chosen as a search criteria twice, Contact Expert searches for records where the Status equals the first or second Status chosen.

7.  Click Apply if the search is to be saved.  Enter a name for the search and click OK.

8.  Click Search.  Contact Expert displays the results of the search.


Phil Carter / OrthoTrac Escalations

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