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Orthotrac Upgrade - Webinar Available for team?

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We have recently updated to Orthotrac Version 14. A few team members completed the live webinar late last year. Is there a recorded version of this, or something more recent for our team to use to get familiar with this new version? 

I could not find it listed in the PracticeWorks Software Webinar Playbacks as someone suggested..

Any help would be appreciated.


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Canine III

Re: Orthotrac Upgrade - Webinar Available for team?

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Good morning Tricia,

Orthotrac v.14 was designed to enhance the clinical space and provides many new features designed to improve efficiency and compliment the workflow of your clinical team.   A webinar is not available at this time, but there is a  very detailed “What’s New” video  available online , both internally via the Carestream Dental Institute and externally on YouTube. The video is a pretty detailed overview of  the new features and enhancements of Orthotrac v.14.  Hopefully your team will find it helpful.

External video link:

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