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Procedure Codes not always posting in a patient's chart

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We updated to version 14 2 weeks ago.  There have been a few cases, where the procedure code was selected, however, it doesn't appear in the Tx card when we close the chart and reopen it.  We have tried to "Edit today's treatment" and add the procedure code in and it still will not appear in the patient's Tx card.  Is anyone else having this issue.  It has happened with more than 1 procedure code.  Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance!


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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Procedure Codes not always posting in a patient's chart

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Good day Misty (‌), 

[[UPDATE ON THIS ISSUE 4/5/18:  I have called Misty and spoken with her and resolved the issue to her satisfaction.]]

Regarding the first issue (procedure codes not saving when you have entered them in Charting), I need more information on the exact circumstances that produce this issue.  We have had one or two reports of this occurring but have been unable to reproduce in testing.  I will be calling you later today to discuss further. 

Regarding the second issue (procedure codes being removed when using Edit Today's Treatment), this has already been reported as a defect and will be prioritized for a fix in the next incremental release of OrthoTrac.  Using Edit Today's Treatment will save changes if you change the text only;  however, if you make any changes to procedure codes (changing an existing one, adding a new one or deleting an existing one), this will delete ALL procedure codes from the entry and it will be saved as a comment-only entry.  The only workaround at present is to revert to the original Treatment Card. 

I will discuss with you further when I call your practice. 


Phil Carter / OrthoTrac Escalations

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