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Canine II

Update 14.1.0

Can you please share what enhancements are in the update 14.1.0 not relating to collections or the Zuelke module?


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Canine III

Re: Update 14.1.0

Good morning Laurie,

OrthoTrac version 14.1 is mostly a maintenance release addressing outstanding issues,  however it does include the following  new enhancements and features :

Interproximal Reduction

In version 14.1, you can track interproximal reduction (IPR) on patients. This feature can be used in conjunction with aligner tracking, or independently.

Improved Aligner Tracking

You can now assign the same information to both the top and bottom aligners, rather than having to enter the details separately.

Updated Treatment Card Banner

The Treatment Card banner now displays the treating dentist's name, and includes the option to hide or display three different sections, such as Medical Alerts, Notes , and Promises.