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panorex image on treatment card/chart

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How do I get the panorex on the treatment card?  It just says no image preview is available.



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Re: panorex image on treatment card/chart

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Good day Kathy (kathycarson‌),

If there is no image showing in the Treatment Card this means one of two things:

1. The image has not been properly defined to pull an image that is present for all patients;


2.  Your practice is not running the most current version of CS Orthodontic Imaging. 

First, check to make sure that you have the image type defined in Charting Maintenance. 

1.  From the main menu of OrthoTrac, select Functions, Maintenance/Setup, Charting Maintenance. 

2.  Click the link to the right of "Default Panorex" in the "Images" section.  In the below screenshot the image link shows "Initial Records - Pan".   If the image type is not defined at all it will show "Click to Set". 

3.  The following screen will appear:

4.  Use the "Visit" drop-down menu to choose the visit.  It is highly recommended to select "Most Recent" for this to ensure that you get the most recent version of an image which may have multiple visits, and also to ensure that all patients see the preview.   "Most Recent" is the second choice in the listings.

5.  Use the "Type" drop-down menu to choose the image type.  Make sure to select an image type which will be present for all patients in the system. 

6.  Click OK to save changes. 

7.  Reopen Charting.  If you chose an image type which is present for that patient, then the Treatment Card will display that image. 

If you have correctly chosen an image type which *is* present for that patient and the image still does not display, please go to  Carestream Dental - Update Central    to request the latest version of CS Orthodontic Imaging.  The image preview feature was tested with CSOI 11.7 and higher but we have had some scattered reports of images not previewing properly for all patients in lower versions. 


Phil Carter / OrthoTrac Escalations

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