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CS OrthoTrac Release Notes for Version

CS OrthoTrac Release Notes for Version

Please see the following link for the Release Notes for version of OrthoTrac, listing the new features and enhancements available with this version:

A What's New video is also available at  , or by clicking Help, What's New Video from the OrthoTrac main menu.

In addition to the new enhancements listed in this documentation, the following defects are corrected in this version:

Charting Locks Up / Freezes When "User Defined Layout" is Selected
An issue where Charting would stop working if a User-Defined Layout was selected in a non-maximized window can no longer be reproduced. The problem was likely solved by other changes to the code.

Charting Won't Load Default View if Window Resized Only (CSOI Tab Not Detached)
If the user changed the window size on charting but did not detach the imaging tab, then saved the newly-configured view as default, it would lot automatically load; instead the new user-defined layout had to be selected from View > Customize Display > User Defined Layout. This defect has been fixed; the user defined layout loads automatically as expected.

Schedule Maintenance, Add Days Takes Much Longer to Load
An error in OrthoTrac 14.2.1 caused the newly-introduced Add Days function in Schedule Maintenance to take an unacceptably long time to complete. Support tests of customer network bandwidth find that internet speeds are well within established parameters.
The problem was corrected by modifying queries that detect conflicted appointment dates and using alternate functions to process Date and Time. Processing time in a test environment simulating the problem environment was reduced from 110 seconds to 11 seconds.

ePayments: Patient Info Missing from Credit Card Settlement if Not an Autopayment
A software defect prevented the patient name and address from appearing on the credit card processing settlement screen if the payment was not made through auto-payment; the information displayed properly if auto-payment was used to conduct the transaction. This made it difficult for staff to reconcile at the end of the day. It was discovered that the data was posting to the wrong fields. The problem has been corrected; Patient Name and Address now display appropriately.

Charting - Notes Are Not Saved in Notes Tab After User Navigates Back to Notes
If a patient had previous notes entered and Imaging v11.10.0.41is installed, a new note would be lost if the user navigated away from the Notes tab and then returned to the Notes tab. This defect has been fixed.


If you have any questions on the new features or defect corrections in version 14.3, please contact Support at   or via phone at 866-722-2567.

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