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Cloud: Cloud Migration - Quick Assist Guide

Cloud: Cloud Migration - Quick Assist Guide

Quick Assist Guide

This page is designed to help you and your office with many common questions or issues you may experience during and after the migration work.

If you have any questions or issues that are not covered by this page, or you have further concerns with items in this document please contact us using the link below.

Carestream Support:


The Project Elevate team will work with you to update your computers to the latest version of Citrix in preparation for your migration. With this update it will temporarily change how you launch your software.

Accessing your Software

To access your software, you will log onto the website that was provided by the Project Elevate team during your pre-migration work. You will login with just your username and password without the “mypractice\” in front.

Full List of Websites by Software

Update\Install Citrix

During the pre-migration process all of your computers will be updated to the latest version of Citrix. In cases where a computer was missed follow the link below to update to the latest version of Citrix.

Cloud: Update\Install Citrix Pre-Migration


Post Migration

After the migration is complete you will access your software differently and there are some settings and configurations that may need to be re-configured.

Launch your Software & Create a Desktop Icon

Note: You will no longer use the website to launch your software!

You will launch your software from Citrix, please follow the link below for steps on launching your software and creating a desktop icon.

 Cloud: Launch your Software & Create a Desktop Icon

User Login Setup

You will need to ensure that either each workstation or each staff member has a designated Citrix user assigned to them. You are unable to use the same Citrix User login across multiple workstations concurrently.

NOTE: This is especially important if your office has multiple locations that are open concurrently. It is recommended you assign each location a group of Citrix User logins to prevent issues.

Email – Outlook

You will need to configure Outlook 2016 to continue emailing from your software. It is recommended to have your IT or Email hosting company assist with this. Please follow the link below to configure Outlook.

Cloud: Setting up Outlook Cloud

Update\Install Citrix

If any computers do not have Citrix installed or Citrix was not updated, please follow the link below to update\install and configure Citrix.

Cloud: Update\Install Citrix Post-Migration

Setting Up Scanners

To reconfigure your document scanner please follow the appropriate link below for your software.

Printers, Topaz Signature Pads and Anesthesia Monitors

The computer’s Citrix settings may cause issues with printers, topaz signature pads and anesthesia monitors. Please follow the link below to configure Citrix for these devices.

Cloud: Configuring Citrix with Printers, Topaz Signature Pads & Anesthesia Monitors

3rd Party Software Integrations

After your migration any 3rd Party software integrations will need to be updated. Please allow up to 48 business hours for this update to be completed.

If after that time the integration is not functioning please contact your 3rd Party Software vendor and request that they follow up with the Carestream Dental cloud engineers.

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