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Cloud: Launch your Software & Create a Desktop Icon

Cloud: Launch your Software & Create a Desktop Icon

1. Open Citrix from the task tray in the bottom right corner of your screen. Double clicking the icon will open Citrix or you may right click the icon and select Open.


1A. If you do not see the icon then select the arrow pointing up and look at the icons there.


2. Citrix will then prompt you to enter your store URL or email address. Enter and select Continue.

NOTE: If you are not prompted to enter this and instead are prompted to enter your username and password continue to step 3.


3. Enter the domain and your username, then your password.

Example: mypractice\jdoe101


4. Select "View all applications" on the right side of the window.


5. Find your main software and select the Star so it turns gold. This will create a desktop icon.


6. You can now open your software from the desktop icon going forward.

If the desktop icon disappeared follow step 1 to open Citrix and ensure you are logged in fully and then ensure the Star is gold for your software.

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