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Documentation: Setting Up Questionnaires

Documentation: Setting Up Questionnaires

This knowledge article includes a PDF guide to setting up Communications questionnaires.


Is there any way a simple tooth chart like the ones on claim forms can be incorporated into questionnaires? I'm looking for something that staff members can use to click on the tooth number similar to how they can in the charting module when filling out questionnaires. But the numbering would be in Palmer format. Tooth Chart - Simple.jpg

It would be much easier and the graphic takes up way less space than the current options that are available at this time. I'm literally looking for a way to mark missing, impacted, and carious/fractured teeth in the questionnaire that will be used to populate into a one page "Exam Summary" that the parent/patient will walk out with after a consultation. 

Right now if we want to mark which primary teeth are present we have to wade through 20 different answer/quantifiers which end up printing out in text format. Missing, impacted, and ectopic teeth are entered via narrative instead of answers/quantifiers.

The final graphic would only need to be about 1/2"-5/8" tall and have a R and L on each end of the Permanent and Primary dentition charts so parents/patients have a visual for the teeth in question.

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