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Emailed Letters Are Being Rejected Due to Message Size Restrictions / Limitations

Emailed Letters Are Being Rejected Due to Message Size Restrictions / Limitations


A letter sent by email is being rejected by the mail server due to size restrictions. NOTE: Individual mail providers may have differing restrictions. Restrictions may be hard capped at 5 MB, 10 MB, 15 MB, 20 MB or some other number. Refer to the bounce message for specifics of why the message was rejected.


Most letters sent from Orthotrac will be pure text and even at their largest they will not come close to hitting any size restrictions. Check the letter in Letter Setup to see whether it includes multiple images. If it includes images, they should all be set to use the thumbnailed version of that image, not the original high-resolution version of the image. The original high-res version of any given single Imaging photo may be upwards of 10 MB in size, so just a few of these will cause the file size to be unreasonably large. The thumbnail version of the image should be used instead; since each image will generally be displayed in a tiny box less than 2 inches in size anyway, there will be no loss of quality from using a thumbnail image, but that thumbnail version will be much, much smaller in file size.

1. From the main menu, select Functions, Word Processing, Letter Setup.

2. Click once to select the letter in question and select Change Letter.

3. Select the "Edit Patient Letter" or "Edit Responsible" button, as appropriate. (NOTE: If the letter has multiple versions, both will need to be edited).

4. Locate the merge code for each image. Sample merge code shown below:


5. Change the SECOND number in the set (in the example, the 1 after the 102) to a 2. Valid types are:

Thus, after the change, the merge code would read


DO NOT change any other numbers in the Imaging merge code, only the second number in the set.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all other images in the letter.

7. Save changes and exit the letter.

8. Click OK to close the Letter Setup window and save changes.

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